• 類  型:問答 文字
  • 遊戲版本:1.0.1
  • 容量大小:42.34 MByte
  • 定  價:免費
  • 版權宣告:2014 © Eric Snider & Robb Vest
  • 上架日期:2014年5月15日
  • 更新日期:2014年5月15日
  • 目前價格:免費


Put your Pop Culture Knowledge to the test with this fun, fast-paced game based on daily headlines from your favorite news sources. Quickly complete each puzzle and Boost your Score with each correct answer. Reach stardom quickly with clever use of power-ups. Only the Best will rank in the TOP TEN…will it be you?


√ Endless puzzles that are new each day pulled from your favorite news sources
√ Earn CHEDDA to purchase items
√ Choose your play style with three unique power-ups
√ 4 Unique game board themes - more on the way!
√ Leaderboards - Fight for world rankings, friend ranking, and total “all time” ranking
√ Compete in Tournaments - All winnings will support a Charity of your choice
√ Challenge the game designers and beat them at their own game!
√ Play for FREE or unlock the game and Remove those pesky Ads


We hope you join us and would love to hear your feedback. By sending us your feedback you can become a beta tester and directly influence the future versions of PopFU!. Look for special messages for more info.