Mega Construction Truck Race Free : Big Tractor Racing Sim

Mega Construction Truck Race Free : Big Tractor Racing Sim

Mega Construction Truck Race Free

  • 類  型:家庭 競速
  • 遊戲版本:1.0
  • 容量大小:54.2 MByte
  • 定  價:免費
  • 版權宣告:© Apps972
  • 上架日期:2013年12月11日
  • 更新日期:2013年12月11日
  • 目前價格:免費


It is very important as for a construction to understand the speed and accuracy of each mega construction trucks ability to meet it standards. For it is now an option to have delays in the construction brought by this slowness on its speed. Experience the drive as the mega construction trucks loose on the road and speed up on the road to reach its destination. Those heavy duty and mega construction machines will definitely not be under by any machines that hit the road.

Mega Construction Truck Race is a fast paced racing game where you have to avoid bumping those obstacles and other cars. Boost up your speed like no one else can compete your speed and triple those speed like fast forwarding time when you catch those power up coins. Collect as many coins as you can while race time to get the most outstanding Construction trucks that are extremely fast that has been created.

This all-new awesome game features some really cool stuff:
*Great game play, sounds and graphics?
*Awesome fast paced action?
*Special IAP Novice Mode - Use this IAP to play with out dying!

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