Surfin' Safari - Grab Your Surfboard and Hit the Waves

Surfin' Safari - Grab Your Surfboard and Hit the Waves

Surfin' Safari - Grab Your Surfboard and Hit the Waves

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Grab your board, it's time to surf the big waves! If you've been looking for a great beach where the waves are totally off the hook we've got you covered. You'll be feeling the summer breezes when you ride the waves at the beautiful Bahamas Shores. Cut back, drop in, hang your heels, the possibilities are wide open on this balmy stretch of water.

Once you’ve honed your tan on the Bahamas Shores you’ll be wanting to pack your board for a trip on out to the warm sun and ripping surf of the Tahiti Sands. Put on a little island music to set the tone and then take your board into the surf. You’ll soon be carving the waves like an old pro.

Next up? Kilauea Waves. The water here is big and it’s daring you to go higher, faster, and longer than ever before. You won’t be the only one doing aerials here but if you practice you’ll soon be catching more air than you ever thought possible. Don’t wait to jump in and paddle out because the wave’s are lining up and so are the boards.

Tired yet? No? Great because the best is yet to come, Lava Flow awaits! Is it the smoldering caldron beneath these shores that makes the waves of Lava Flow so fatyfatfat? Is it an angry Neptune trying to drag one more lost ship into the deepest reaches of the ocean? Whatever the cause, you might just want to leave the keys to your truck with the lifeguard, incase you’re not around to drive it home. Oh and one more thing, you might want to keep your eyes open because there's the little matter of that volcano erupting in the background. Probably nothing to worry about…

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