Zombie Driver Ultimate Carnage

Zombie Driver Ultimate Carnage

Zombie Driver Ultimate Carnage

  • 類  型:動作 競速
  • 遊戲版本:1.0
  • 容量大小:61.75 MByte
  • 定  價:免費
  • 版權宣告:© Bravo Game Studios
  • 上架日期:2013年12月1日
  • 官方網站:http://www.bravogames.com
  • 更新日期:2013年12月1日
  • 目前價格:免費


Zombie Driver Ultimate Carnage is a fantastic combination of cars, guns, and zombies!

With more and more gamers joining the action every day are you prepared to partake in this adrenaline-fueled blend of brutality, dexterity and accuracy?

Simultaneously drive your car and shoot the zombies chasing you along the three scenarios we have designed for you.

Choose from five different cars in the garage and revamp them to become serious zombie killing machines. You get to choose seven machine guns to add to the roof of your car and nine different accessories that will help you run over zombies and kill them more easily.

So how many will you be able to take down?

If you want to improve your game performance and remove advertisements it costs less than what you would pay for a soda.

Share your scores with your friends in the Game Center and see the world’s top ranking scores!

You can also show off your skills to your followers using the hashtag #BravoScores follow by #ZombieDriver and your score.

Remember, only your car can keep you safe.

Are you ready?

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