Puzzle Mania - Lead The Busy Bee With Honey

Puzzle Mania - Lead The Busy Bee With Honey

Puzzle Mania - Lead The Busy Bee With Honey

  • 類  型:益智 兒童
  • 遊戲版本:1.0
  • 容量大小:21.26 MByte
  • 定  價:免費
  • 版權宣告:© Smitappas BV
  • 上架日期:2013年8月29日
  • 更新日期:2013年8月29日
  • 目前價格:免費



'This Game Is All About A Good Strategy!'
'Many Options While Playing Are Great!'
'Awesome Game Play And Very Nice Graphics'
'Good Plan Is Everything, I Really Dig It!'

Help the bee to escape the maze so she can fly freely! But that's easier said than done. By swiping around the squares, you create the right path for her. Some squares can only move horizontally, and other vertically. Then some work as an elevator, and others can only be rotated. You need to come with a good strategy for this game. Attracting the bee with honey is one of them!

The game play is really fun and thousands have already played it. It has 30 levels that all need your attention and dedication. Don't get too desperate when you're getting stuck, because that won't help you at all! See how your friends perform online and try to beat them! JOIN THE PUZZLE MANIA COMMUNITY TODAY!

- Awesome game for strategic people
- FREE version supported by ads
- Super awesome graphics and motion
- Addicting and proven game concept
- Unlimited attempts to break your record
- Great sound effects and music
- Turn on/off music and sound effects
- Upgrade to ad-free version optional
- Available on iPhone and iPad