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Common trading mistakes: part two
Overreliance on software
Most people use some form of technology to assist their trading

For example, you might study chart patterns or use automated alerts and algorithms as prompts to trade

But, as useful as all of these tools are, it is important to remember that they are only tools, and must be employed wisely

Just as your satnav can occasionally direct you to drive into a deep torrent of water because it doesn't know the river has flooded, trading technology isn't something to follow blindly. You still need to keep your eyes open and react intelligently to the Signs you see

So when using technology, such as charting software or other analysis tools, it's important that you understand the underlying concepts and the reasons behind the charts are telling you. This will allow you to see the bigger picture and avoid unnecessary mistakes

Lack of record keeping
Do you remember your first trade? What about the third, or the fifth

If you're new to trading, the details may still be clear in your memory. But in a few months' time will you still be able to describe each step and decision in detail

Unless you keep a trading log or diary, thechances are that this information will be lost. And if you can't remember whatyou did right, how can you replicate it? Similarly, if you don't know where youwent wrong you could easily make the same mistakes again

Your trading diary will let you look back atyour experiences with the value of hindsight and learn from them. So whatshould you record in it

Which of the following is NOT worth putting inyour trading diary

Why you decided to trade
What you were wearing at the time
Where you placed your stops or limits
How you felt at the time you opened and closedthe trade

Reveal answer
Bad timing
Timing is not only the art of good comedy -it's also central to good trading

In the same way that a stand-up artist needs todeliver the punchline at exactly the right moment, you need to time your entryand exit from a market perfectly to maximise any profit or minimise any loss

Timing mistakes are common among new traders.So how can you avoid them? Although getting your timing right isn't an exactscience, there are a few tools that will he*** you to act at the right moment

Chart analysis will he*** you forecast potentialscenarios by revealing market patterns
A trading plan will he*** you to define yourstrategy, meaning you're more likely to avoid impulsive actions
Stops and limits will allow you to go aboutyour business without having to monitor the markets constantly
Remember the limitations of software and use itintelligently
Keep a trading diary and reflect on thestrategies that have worked well (or not so well)
Use tools such as charts, stops and limits tohe*** you get your timing right when opening and closing positions
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