emuking ( emuking ) 20週年徽章《龍舞雲山》x 遊戲基地專屬徽章 Lv. 45 | 文章數:13983 | 推薦數:634 | 被推數:2577 第 1 篇 2021-01-13 01:12:50

Majestic floating lands hide countless relics.
Look carefully and solve visual challenges to discover what happened to these civilizations.

Hidden Lands is a visual puzzle game mixing Spot the difference and Hidden Object mechanics with infinite levels to play

- More than 100 Quests to complete
- 3 ancient civilizations to discover
- Infinite levels to play
- Comfortable Zoom and Rotation
- Share your favourite islands and relics.
- Dynamic and relaxing music
- Dynamic weather

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