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2. Birthday Cards
6. Mafia Wars 黑幫戰爭
7. PetVille
8. Happy Aquarium

9. FishVille
10. Pet Society 寵物社區
11. Zoo World
12. Restaurant City 餐廳城市
MindJolt Games
14. Hotel City

15. Social City

17. Happy Island
18. Bejeweled Blitz 寶石方塊
19. Country Life
20. Farm Town
21. Happy Pets
22. Island Paradise
23. Tiki Resort

24. Bumper Sticker
25. Bubble Island

表示新進榜遊戲 表示重新回榜遊戲

21. Solority Life
22. (Lil) Farm Life
23. Ninja Saga

24. Fish World

25. Country Story


一樣附上上個月的排行榜[遊戲新訊] 04/06 2010年3月份熱門小遊戲排行榜




不過,仍然有五款新遊戲在這個月之中異軍突起,一舉搶進了排行榜,其中包含了Zynga出品的Treasure Isle,這款遊戲在過去這個月之中成長驚人,雖然我們不能確定這樣驚人的表現是不是因為Zynga本身在遊戲中所作的交叉行銷以及廣告所造成的,或者是有另一種新的成長機制正在萌芽。


p.s. 這段翻的比較卡,有錯的地方還請指正
p.s.2 文末的virality,我認為可能是作者typo,應為vitality,所以用vitality去做翻譯


● 強大如FarmVille也在過去這個月中體會到了大量的使用者人數衰退,在上個月的排行榜中我們看到FarmVille僅僅減少了20萬的使用者,但在這個月中卻減少了440萬的使用人數,儘管如此,這款遊戲仍然以7840萬的單月使用人數穩居第1名的位子。

經典的撲克遊戲 Texas HoldEmPoker (或稱 Zynga Poker)則是讓我們看到了小符的成長,雖然只有10萬左右的人數成長,也足夠讓它超越在這個月大幅衰退260萬使用者的Café Wrold

本月份最大的新聞或許會是Zynga的這款新遊戲 Treasure Isle,一出現就以2521萬的單月使用使用人數拿下了第5名的位子,也打敗了Mafia Wars成為目前為止2010年最熱門的社群遊戲。

CorwdStar來說非常不幸的是由它們所推出的遊戲中,目前最熱門的Happy Aquarium在過去這個月減少了420萬的使用人數,延續上個月的走勢,這款虛擬水族箱式的遊戲目前仍然持續的下滑中,儘管它仍然拿下了第8名的位子,領先了第9名的同類型遊戲FishVille
碎碎念:這段以上的內容我重新翻譯過了一次,因為我翻到一半瀏覽器當掉,全部都 阿阿阿阿阿, (淚奔)……………

MindJolt Games’ 這個小遊戲合輯的應用程式則是從第8名下跌到了第13名,不過這款遊戲仍然擁有1310萬的單月使用人數。

而本月份第14名與第15名則是新進榜遊Playfish所出品的Hotel City(1300萬單月使用人數)以及Playdom所推出的Social City(1260萬單月使用人數)拿下,顯示了還是有遊戲可以對抗使用人口衰退的趨勢並且逆勢成長。

Slashkey所出品的農場類型遊戲Farm Town則在本月份下滑了四個席次,以單月超過900萬的使用人數由第16名下跌到了第20名的位子。

排行榜後端則是又再次看到了Playdom的成功,由Playdom所推出的熱帶渡假村類型遊戲Tiki Resort首次進榜並且拿下了第23名的位子,擁有單月620萬左右的使用人數。

最後,排行榜的第25名,由德國公司wooga所推出的一款簡單的益智拼圖遊戲Bubble Island拿下,擁有單月超過600萬的使用人數。

14 of the top 25 Facebook games lost monthly active users over the course of March, as we covered at the beginning of April. This was, more than anything else, the result of Facebook removing third-party notifications early that month — a communication channel that many developers relied on to keep players returning.

Developers saw even bigger slumps in April. MAU losses were tremendous across the board. 18 of the current Top 25 experienced a decline, with other factors, like Facebook platform performance issues, also contributing to the problem.

Nevertheless, the industry trudges forward, as five new games also make their appearances on the Top 25 this month — including the tremendously fast growing Zynga app, Treasure Isle. It’s not clear if those apps, or any growing smaller ones, are just gaining users so through cross-game promotions and advertising, or if there is also new organic growth starting to happen.

Facebook and the industry need to see organic growth of some form if the industry is going to survive. Despite what some developers might say, the company does want social gaming to continue to exist. Among other reasons these games bring users back to the site, and make it more generally interesting and meaningful; they also present a new opportunity for Facebook to monetize, via the company’s budding Credits virtual currency product.

Developers have been nailed hard by Facebook changes over the years, but they have always rebounded back stronger than before. This will likely happen again. But if Facebook sees that the changes stay overly prohibitive of quality user engagement, we expect the company will look for new ways to enable more virality.

Here are the highlights for the Top 25 Facebook Games for May, 2010:
  • The titanic FarmVille experienced tremendous player lost this past month. Having lost just over 200,000 players last time, the farming app lost north of 4.4 MAUs this month. The app still sits tight at #1 with 78.4 million monthly active users.
  • The classic Texas HoldEm Poker (also known as Zynga Poker) did see a small gain, however, of just over 100,000 players, surpassing the restaurant title, Cafe World, which lost over 2.6 MAUs.
  • Perhaps the biggest news on the charts this month is the rise of Zynga’s newest app, Treasure Islewith over 2.2 million MAUs. The game is already #5 on the list, beating out Mafia Wars and becoming the top social game thus far for 2010.
  • Unfortunately for CrowdStar, their top game, Happy Aquarium lost another 4.2 million users this past month, as a continuing decline in virtual aquarium app popularity, well, continues. Nonetheless, the happy fish still take the #8 spot over FishVille at #9.
  • MindJolt Games’collection of mini-games within its meta game structure drops from #8 to #13. However, the game still holds over 13.1 million monthly active users, suggesting that meta game apps filled with strong mini-games can still hold their own.
  • Joining the Top 25 at #14 and #15 respectively are Playfish’s Hotel City (13 million MAUs) and Playdom’s Social City (12.6 million MAUs), showing that games can still flourish despite the declining trend.
  • One of the original farming apps, Slashkey’s Farm Town suffers another drop in the ranks, falling from #16. It now hangs on at #20 with just over 9 million users.
  • Playdom sees another victory for their games, as its tropical vacation destination application, Tiki Resort appears for the first time at #23, pulling in around 6.2 million MAUs.
  • Finally, rounding out the list at #25, German company wooga comes into play with its simple puzzle game, Bubble Island, garnering just over 6 million monthly active users.


還是覺得很哀傷,翻到快結束的地方居然當掉 (崩潰....
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