超簡單,卻忍不住一直玩! 只為一世塵緣,百世輪迴不一樣的傳奇經典殺人爆裝 真男人的遊戲
bicky ( 碧儀 )
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2.3.2 更新檔 (PTR 測試伺服器) Patch note

Patch 2.3.2 Patch Notes
More Detailed Notes to the Official Patch Notes

- You will now automatically stand up when attacked, even if the attack doesn’t land.

- Ravage (All Ranks) - Damage changed from 350% to 385%

- Aspect of the Viper has had it's mana regeneration changed from 50% to 55% of your total intellect.
- Arcane Shot, ranks 1-5 once again deal bonus damage based on your attack power.
- Freezing Trap is no longer limited to only one target at a time. It will once again be possible for two freezing traps to be in place at

the same time.
- Pet levelling speed has been substantially increased.

- Ice Block is now trainable at all Mage Trainers at level 30.
- Cold Snap has had its cooldown reduced.
- The talent Cold Snap has taken the place of Ice Block in the frost talent tree.
- A new talent called Icy Veins has taken the place of Cold Snap on the frost talent tree.
- NEW TALENT: Icy Veins; USE: Reduces the cast time of all spells by 20%, and increase the chance for your chilling effects to freeze the target by 25% for 20 seconds. (3 Minute Cooldown)
- Conjured Mana Emeralds will now give the same mana as a super mana potion, 1800-3000, and now have 3 charges.

- Crusader Strike now deals 110% weapon damage and refreshes all judgements on the target.
- Sanctified Judgement (All Ranks) - Seal's mana cost returned changed from 50% to 80%
- Righteous Fury: This spell will no longer cost twice the listed mana to cast it.

- Ambush has had it's damage changed from 250% to 275% on all ranks.
- Cheat Death: When multiple attacks land simultaenously, all those resolved after the attack which triggered Cheat Death will now have their damage reduced by 90% as intended. However, the combat log will still report them doing full damage.
- Hemorrhage (Rank 4) no longer has it's charges consumed by non-physical attacks and spells.

- Earth shield has had it's mana cost reduced. (All ranks - About Half) (Ex: Rank 3 now costs 450 mana.)
- Lightning shield has had it's mana cost reduced. (All ranks - About 80%) (Ex: Rank 9 now costs 400 mana.)
- Water Shield once again lasts 10 minutes. In addition, it now also grants 50 Mp5.

- The health cost taken from the Warlock after using Health Funnel will now remain consistent between uses.

- Bug Fix: Defiance (Protection) weapon expertise will now work in all stances.
- Warriors no longer lose rage when using a macro to enter a stance they are already in.


- Transmute Mithril to Truesilver has had it's cooldown lowered from 47 to 23 hours.
- Cooking: Goldthorn Tea was erroneously unlearned by most players who had learned the recipe. The recipe has been re-enabled and can be

learned again from Henry Stern in Razorfen Downs at no cost.
- Enchanting: Enchant Shield - Resilience now requires a Runed Fel Iron Rod instead of a Runed Adamantite Rod.
- Leatherworking: Increased the range of leatherworking drums to 40 yards. Drums of Panic remains unchanged at 8 yards.

- Amani Charm of the Witch Doctor: Tooltip typo corrected.
- Hearthstones are no longer effected by any spell haste effects.
- Icy Chill Enchant - The triggered effect will now cause melee slow and movement snare as intended.
- Idol of the Unseen Moon: This item now has a 30 second cooldown upon being triggered.
- Idol of Terror: The triggered agility buff from this item no longer overwrites other agility buffs.
- The Netherscale Ammo Pouch is no longer a Unique item.
- The Knothide Quiver is no longer unique.
- Totem of the Thunderhead - now gives 2Mp5 as well as it's original 27 mana bonus per trigger.

User Interface
- There is now an option to turn off the screen edge damage flash when you have a fullscreen UI up.
- You can sell stacks by dropping them on the merchant window again.
- Ready check (/readycheck) will now display a visual display of each party/raid member's status next to their name. This will display in the Party UI, the Raid UI and the Raid pullout UI. A player will get a check mark if they are ready, a question mark if they have not replied and a red X if they are not ready or are afk.
- You can now shift click names while the petition window is open to paste them into the petition.
- Fixed various problems with /castsequence getting stuck.
- /cast will toggle spells again unless the name is prefixed with an exclamation mark, e.g. /castsequence Steady Shot, !Auto Shot
- Minimap - You can now see raid members on the minimap as dark blue dots in addition to party members which still display as light blue dots.
- Minimap - Quest givers with a blue question mark (repeatable quests) now longer display on the minimap.
- NPC's who you have completed a quest for will display a question mark on mouseover rather than an exclamation point.
- Guild Banks - The bank controls for the guildmaster level of a guild is now grayed out. A guildmaster always has full access to a guild bank and this cannot be changed.
- A "Withdraw-Repair Only" button has been added to the guild bank controls. If this is set for a guild rank, then that rank cannot actually withdraw funds from the guild bank, but they can still use that daily amount of money for repairs.

- Bug Fix: Blade's Edge Mountains: Players accepting the bombing run quests in Blade's Edge Plateaus will no longer cause other players in the region to stand up.

(Coilfang Resevoir - Heroic Steamvaults)
- Mekgineer Steamrigger's Main Chambers Access Panel is no longer interactable until Mekgineer Steamrigger has been killed.
(Tempest Keep - The Eye)
- The number of Blood Elves guarding Prince Kael'Thas' room has been reduced.
- The Amani'shi Warrior's Charge ability now has a minimum range.
- The melee haste provided by Halazzi's Frenzy has been reduced to 100%.
- Dragonhawks in Zul'Aman can now be skinned. This doesn't include dragonhawks that do not have loot.

- /timetest is a new command that can be run to provide information on game performance. /timetest 0 turns the command off. When the command is issued, the next time a player uses a flight master to travel, certain statistics will be measured and displayed at the end of that flight. All weather effects and spawns are shutdown during the test.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed “Spell/Ability is not ready yet” message when clicking quickly at the beginning of a cast.
- Fixed a server disconnect when moving the mouse over recipes in the guild bank.
- Gnomish Universal Remote will now work properly with the Fel Cannon.
- Disconnecting a USB HeadSet will no longer cause problems with the Voice Chat dropdown menus.
- Clockwork Rocket Bots will no longer attack each other in Shattrath City.
- Channel changes will now appear properly in the chat log after zoning in or out of instances.
- Unplugging headphones/speakers then plugging them back in while in WoW no longer disables all sound in WoW
- If the original owner of a custom channel gives leadership away their options menu will no longer show that they have moderation privileges.
- The first custom created guild ranking will now properly show up in the Guild Control pane drop down menu.
- Control-clicking on inventory items that teach recipes will now properly display you wearing the item made by the recipe in the dressing room UI.
- Fixed an issue that was not allowing all charges of a Field Repair Bot to be used.

Ice Block 現在全部法師都可以在等級 30 從訓練師身上學習 (不需要天賦)
Cold Snap 移到 Ice Block 的位置, 冷卻時間下降
Cold Snap 天賦位置增加一個新天賦: Icy Veins. 將低全部法術施法時間 20%,增加冰凍機會 25%, 維持 20秒, 3分鐘冷卻
魔法寶石現在回覆 mana 1800-3000, 一共可以使用三次

2.3.2 改變最大的一個職業
來源IP:82.24.127.* /
最後編輯時間:2007-11-25 11:19:43
For death and honour
For victorious and glorious
For our gracious King and noble souls.
To sing with heart and voice
To stand and united as one
We are the Grand Alliance of the Stormwind

To fight and scatter our enemies
To defend our homeland from evil foes.
vkei ( VKEI )
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WTF is the Warlock change...



murahikaru ( 七殺喵 )
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2.3.2 更新檔 (PTR 測試伺服器) 更新記錄

2.3.2 更新檔 記錄
更詳細的記錄 請參照官方之更新記錄

- /timeset 是一個可以提供系統運行效能資訊的指令. /timeset 0 會將指令停止. 當指令生效後,玩家下一次運用飛行官旅行時,特定的數據將會被測量並且在飛行結束後顯示. 所有的氣候效果以及可再生物件將在測試圖中關閉
- 顯現藍色問號的任務提供者現在將不在小地圖上出現
- 你為其完成任務的NPC將會在滑鼠移過時出現問號而非驚嘆號
- 銀行選項中公會會長等級成為灰色. 一個會長將永遠有公會銀行的完整權限且無法被改變.
- 一個"提取-限定修復"按鈕已經加到公會銀行選項中. 如果這個選項設定給某個公會層級,則此層級實際上無法從公會銀行提取金錢,但是仍然可以使用每日配額來修復裝備

- 破壞 (所有等級) - 傷害從 350% 增加到 385%

- 毒蛇守護的魔法回復量現在從你全部智力的50%增加到55%
- 秘法射擊, 等級1-5現在又基於你的攻擊強度造成加成傷害
- 冰凍陷阱不再限制於一次一個目標. 一次放置兩個冰凍陷阱將再次成為可能
- 寵物等級的提升速度現在有了實質性的增加

- 寒冰屏障現在可以在30級時向所有的法師訓練師學習
- 急速冷卻的冷卻時間(CD)現在減少了
- 天賦: 急速冷卻 現在移到原本寒冰屏障在寒冷天賦樹的位置
- 一個名為 Icy Vein 的新天賦現在加入原本急速冷卻在寒冷天賦樹的位置
- 新天賦: Icy Vein;
使用: 減少20%所有法術的施法時間, 增加25%你的寒冷效果冰凍目標的機會20秒 (三分鐘冷卻)
- 召喚出的魔法綠寶石現在將給予和超級法力藥水一樣多的法力, 1800-3000, 而且現在有三次用量

- 十字軍打擊現在造成110%武器傷害並且更新所有目標身上的審判
- 神聖審判 (所有等級) - 聖印的法力消耗回饋從50%增加到80%
- 正義的憤怒: 這個法術將不再消耗所顯示的法力兩倍的量

- 伏擊所有等級的傷害從250%增加到275%
- 死亡謊言: 當數個攻擊同時擊中,所有在觸發死亡謊言之後才生效的攻擊將會如預期的減少90%.
- 出血(等級4) 的連擊點數將不再被非物理的攻擊及魔法消耗掉

- 大地之所需的法力已經減少. (所有等級 - 大約一半) (範例: 等級3 現在消耗 450 法力)
- 閃電之所需的法力已經減少. (所有等級 - 大約80%) (範例: 等級9 現在消耗 400 法力)
- 水現在又持續10分鐘. 現在並且無視水球數量週期性的回覆法力

- 生命通道從術士身上消耗的生命現在將會維持穩定

- 錯誤修正: 挑釁 (防護) 武器專精 現在將對所有站姿有效
- 當使用一個巨集進入已生效的站姿時戰士將不會失去怒氣


- 祕銀轉化真銀的冷卻時間 (CD) 從47小時降到23小時
- 烹飪: 金棘茶曾被以學習的玩家錯誤的遺忘了. 這個食譜已經被啟用並且可以再次從剃刀高地的亨利 史登身上免費學習
- 附魔: 附魔牌 - 韌性 現在需要一個符文魔鐵棒而非符文堅鋼魔棒
- 製皮: 製皮所生產的鼓現在範圍增加到40碼. 驚慌之鼓停留在未改變的8碼

- 阿曼尼巫醫符咒: 工具提示列類型修正
- 爐石不再受到任何魔法增速的影響
- 冰寒附魔: 觸發的效果將會如預期的使進戰緩慢以及限制行動
- 隱月塑像: 這個物品現在在觸發後有30秒的冷卻
- 恐懼塑像: 這個物品觸發的敏捷增益將不再蓋過其他的敏捷增益效果
- 虛空鱗片彈藥包不再是個獨特物品
- 境外皮革箭袋不再是個獨特物品
- 雷首圖騰 - 法力回復量增加

- 現在有選項可以在當你使用全螢幕使用者介面時關閉螢幕邊緣的傷害閃光
- 你可以將堆疊的物品丟在商品交易視窗將其售出
- Readt Check (/readycheck) 準備確認 現在會有一個虛擬的視窗顯示所有小組/團隊成員的狀態在其名字旁. 這會出現在小組, 團隊 以及 團隊拉出之使用者介面. 如果準備完成玩家狀態會顯示一個確認符號,如果他們沒有回應將會出現一個問號或者一個紅色叉叉如果他們還沒準備好或者是不在電腦前
- 你現在可以再分隔視窗開啟的時候 Shift + 點擊 名字 將其貼上
- 修正各種造成 /castsequence 失效的錯誤
- /cast 現在會觸發法術除非名字前面加上驚嘆號, 例如/castsequence Steady Shot, !Auto Shot
- 小地圖: 你現在可以在小地圖上看到表示團隊成員的暗藍色點以及表示小組成員的亮藍色點

- 錯誤修正: 劍刃山脈: 玩家在劍刃高原接受轟炸任務將不再使得所有此區域的玩家站起來

(盤牙蓄湖 - 英雄蒸氣)
- 米克吉勒·蒸氣操控者的主室通行控制板不再進行互動直到米克吉勒·蒸氣操控者死亡
(暴風要塞 - 暴風之眼)
- 守護凱爾薩斯王子的房間的寫精靈數量已經減少
- 阿曼尼希戰士的衝鋒技能現在有最小距離
- 哈拉齊的狂熱技能所提供的進戰加速效果減少了 100%
- 祖阿曼裡的龍鷹現在可以剝皮. 這不包括沒有掉落物品的龍鷹

- 修正當施法開始點擊過於快速所出現的 "法術/技能 還沒準備好" 訊息
- 修正當滑鼠移過一個在公會銀行中的配方所造成的斷線問題
- 地精通用遙控器現在將正確的作用在惡魔火炮上
- 分開一個USB耳機將不再造成語音系統下拉式選單的問題
- 薩塔斯城的鐘錶火箭機器人將不再互相攻擊
- 因進出場景/副本而造成的頻道改變現在將正確的顯示在聊天紀錄中
- 執行WoW時分開耳機/音響然後再接上將不再關閉所有的音效
- 如果一個自創頻道的創始人將其領導權交出,他的選單裡將不再顯示他有調控的特權
- 第一個自創的公會職稱羨在將會正確的顯示在公會選項的下拉選單中
- Ctrl + 點擊一個背包裡的設計圖物件將正確的顯示試衣間中你穿著此設計圖所製造的物品
- 修正一個無法使修理機器人全部的儲備量都被使用的問題
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