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本人很可惜沒有玩過聖女密碼, 所以有很多地方名和物品名會怪怪的. 但也想作個翻譯給大家, 希望大家能耐心看完便很滿足了. (^__^ 希望不會太遲和白費了心機啦!)

First person view:
Successfully complete the game under the easy or normal difficulty setting.
成功完成遊戲, 簡單或正常模式也可.

Play as Steve Burnside in battle mode:
Get the gold Luger replica from the basement office in Disc 2. The correct drawer sequence is red, green, blue, and bottom. You can also unlock Steve Burnside by performing well in battle mode as Chris.
玩第二隻碟片時在地下辦公室拿到"金雙槍". 正確的抽屜次序是:紅,綠,藍,最底. 若你在戰鬥模式用克里斯玩又表現良好, 也可在戰鬥模式使用史提夫.

Steve Burnside cross-fire with sub machine guns:
While playing in battle mode, kill all but one zombie in any room. While equipped with sub machine guns, walk up to the zombie and press X, and Steve will cross his sub machine guns. For best results, play in third person so you can see the cross-fire. If there is more than one zombie, Steve might aim at two zombies rather than cross-firing at one.
當使用史提夫玩戰鬥模式, 在任何地方也要殺到剩下一隻喪屍. 當要開槍時, 走近喪屍, 按 X, 史提夫會交叉手用雙機關槍. 當有更好成績, 用第三人稱玩史提夫, 也可看見他會交叉手用雙機關槍. 但要注意的是, 當多過一隻喪屍的話, 他便不會交叉手, 他會同時瞄準其他喪屍的.

Play as alternate Claire in battle mode:
Perform well with the original Claire in battle mode.

Play as alternate Chris in battle mode:
Complete battle mode as Wesker. Note: He is armed only with a knife.
完成用衛斯卡的戰鬥模式, 不論任何成績. (注意: 衛斯卡只有小刀一把)

Play as Albert Wesker in battle mode:
Take Albert Wesker's sunglasses from the floor in the Incubation Lab after the intermission sequence when playing as Chris. Alternately, perform well in battle mode with Steve Burnside.
當玩克里斯時, 在間歇時間後, 在孵育實驗室拾起衛斯卡的太陽眼鏡. 或, 戰鬥模式用史提夫表現良好.

First unlock Steve Burnside. Then, play as Chris and finish with the best grade to unlock Albert Wesker. He is armed only with a knife and has two mixed herbs.
首先玩出史提夫. 再玩克里斯及以最好成績完成遊戲以玩出衛斯卡. 他只有小刀一把和草藥兩包.

Hint: Self-destruct code:
Enter "Veronica" as a code when playing as Chris on Disc 2 when you have to open all doors and elevators to save Claire with 5:00 minutes to evacuate.
提示: 自爆裝置密碼:
玩第二隻碟片時, 用克里斯時, 輸入"VERONICA"來開啟所有門及昇降機便可釋放克蕾兒, 自爆裝置亦同時開始五分鐘倒數.

Hint: Find a magnum for Wesker:
Locate the casino room where everyone got a first aid from the slot machine. Wesker will hit it and the bottom will open and reveal a magnum instead of a first aid spray. Note: Although it only has six shots, it will only take five to kill Alexia type 1.
提示: 找出麥林手槍給衛斯卡:
在人人也可得到急救噴霧的角子機房的投入槽機器, 衛斯卡會打擊它, 而它的底部會打開, 便會發現不是急救噴霧而是一把麥林手槍. (備註: 雖然只有六發子彈, 但用五發便可收拾艾歷西亞第一形.)

Hint: Grenade launcher:
Before you go up to the Residential House on the Hill, take the ladder in the area outside in the "Training Facility" where Alfred ambushed you with the sniper rifle. It will lead you back to where you played as Steve. You can get a grenade launcher and ammo, but you need the Blue Card Key.
提示: 榴彈發射器:
當你上山上的私邸, 在訓練場爬上樓梯時, 艾佛會用狙擊槍伏擊玩家, 用史提夫時便要退後了. 但你可得到榴彈發射器和彈藥, 但你要有藍色磁卡鑰匙.

Hint: Saving ammunition:
Use the combat knife to save ammunition. To kill a zombie easily, point at its head. Swipe at the right place and time and the monster will go down. Then quickly swipe down to finish it off. This works well with Wesker in battle mode.
提示: 節省彈藥:
多用戰鬥小刀來節省彈藥. 殺喪屍時, 插向它的頭. 猛擊致命點和用多些少時間, 怪物便會倒下. 越快猛擊便越快解決它們. 這戰術在戰鬥模式中用衛斯卡會很有效.

Instead of swiping at their heads with the combat knife, aim for their legs when they are walking. This will cause their knees to buckle and they will drop. Keep swiping a few more times to kill thm. This works best just when they are getting up because it causes multiple hits in one swipe. If you aim down at just about anything else, it will be very effective and will kill it in less than ten hits. This is not recommended for Bosses (Nosferatu, Alexia, Spider, etc.)
Information in this section was contributed by Rather34.
如不選擇小刀插它的頭, 當它們行走時可插它的腳. 這可使它的腳彎曲及倒下. 不要停止猛擊, 插多數下便能解決它. 當它們嘗試爬起來但你仍猛擊它是很有效的. 如你瞄得準, 不下十下便能殺死它們. 但絕不能用這對付頭頭! (如, 吸血鬼, 艾歷西亞, 蜘蛛, 等)

Hint: Defeating the second stage of Alexia:
Walk right up to her and shoot six normal grenade rounds directly at her face. She will change to her third form.
提示: 收拾艾歷西亞第二形態:
走到適當位置, 向她的面部發射大約六發普通榴彈砲. 她便會轉變成第三形態.

Hint: Defeating Tyrant:
Use the following trick to easily defeat the Tyrant without the need of a healing item, Save the Flame, Acid, Normal and Bow Gas rounds you get at the prison and MTR facility, and use them on him. Once you have used them all, the Tyrant with walk slowly and will not be able to push the crate back.
Information in this section was contributed by Kulwant BAHRA.
提示: 收拾暴君:
用這個竅門不用補血便可輕易收拾暴君了. 保留你以前得到的所有榴彈(普通彈, 火炎彈, 硫酸彈和對B.O.W用氣體榴彈)來用在暴君身上. 當你用了它們, 暴君的行動便會減慢, 不能推那木箱了.

Hint: Avoid bats:
With Claire or Chris, use your lighter to avoid bats. Keep it out and they will not bother you.
提示: 避開蝙蝠:
不論用克蕾兒還是克里斯, 遇見蝙蝠便使用打火機. 有火光牠們就不會襲擊你.

Hint: No zombies in metal detector area:
When you are ready to copy the hawk emblem, get into the room with the duplication machine. Instead of copying the plate, set off the alarm by taking something metal through the detector, but do not turn the alarm back on. Copy the plate, then when you are going back through there will be no zombies in the hallway.
提示: 在金屬探測地區會沒有喪屍:
當你要準備複製鷹之標記時, 走到有複製機器那房間. 不要先做複製動作, (這裡翻譯得有點吃力...) 放一些金屬到那探測器來弄停(響?)那警報器, 但之後就不要再弄響(停?)那警報器了. 之後才再複製那鷹之標記, 當你再回去大堂便會發現沒有喪屍了.

Hint: Fun with Zombies:
If you want innovative ways to kill zombies, try this. There will be zombies on the dirt road that leads up to the mansion (where you find the Gold Lugers) the first time you get there. With your back to the concrete wall, let a zombie grab hold of you and push him off. He will hit the railing and fall over it.
提示: 有趣的殺喪屍方法:
如果你想要一些新方法殺喪屍可試試這個. 當你第一次走到有一條連接住大屋的泥路會有多隻喪屍.(你找到金色雙槍那裡) 背部貼近混凝土牆壁, 由得喪屍咬你的頸, 主角會推開它. 它會撞到欄杆, 掉下去了.

Hint: Door-opening Zombie:
In Claire's part of the game, go to the part in the bottom floor of the torture room where you get the piano roll. After you put the sword in the slot turn around, and go to the back of the statue. Without killing the Zombie, pick up the piano roll and leave the room. Go up the steps and you will hear a door shut. Go back to the top of the steps and the zombie will have gone through the door and will be walking up the steps to come after you.
提示: 會開門的喪屍:
玩克蕾兒的時候, 去用刑房的底層(找到鋼琴卷軸?那裡), 當你把劍投入插槽, 走到石像背後. 不用殺那喪屍, 拾起鋼琴卷軸?並離開房間. 上樓梯時會聽到開門聲. 上樓梯頂, 那隻喪屍會開門走出來跟隨你.

Hint: Alternate Nosferatu death:
There are two ways to kill Nosferatu, normally where he will just fall to the ground and with the sniper rifle. If you kill him with the sniper rifle, you will be treated to a sequence featuring Claire blasting his heart into pieces.
提示: 第二個殺吸血鬼的辦法:
有兩個殺吸血鬼的辦法, 用狙擊槍把他射到倒地. 如果你用狙擊槍射他, 你會看到他的心臟爆破成漿.

After shooting the Nosferatu enough to where he is almost dead, instead of wasting more ammunition, just take your hunting knife and stab him in the chest. A FMV sequence showing you do this will appear.
當射得吸血鬼差不多會死的時候, 以免再浪費彈藥, 拿出戰鬥小刀插他的胸腔. 新動畫便會出現.

Hint: Avoid getting poisoned:
When in the Antarctic area in the room with the moths, they can land on you and leave a bug on your back. When the bug explodes later, repeatedly press L and R to avoid getting poisoned.
提示: 避免中毒:
到達南極很多地方也會有飛蛾, 牠們會飛到你身上並有小蟲掉落. 當小蟲爆破?的時候, 重複按 L 和 R 避開以免中毒.

Hint: Rescue Rodrigo:
Do not just run from the worm and let it eat Rodrigo. Use about one or two full clips to drop the Worm. Although Rodrigo will still die, he will give you the lighter, which will help you get some items.
提示: 拯救 Rodrigo:
不要只是跑開由得沙蟲吃掉Rodrigo. 用大約一至兩排手槍子彈(15至30發)幹掉沙蟲. 雖然最後Rodrigo仍會死, 他會給你那個打火機, 這樣一來便可拿多一些物品了.

Hint: Finding Rodrigo in battle mode:
Start a battle mode game with any character. When you encounter the hunters for the first time in the room with the lift, look through the crates blocking the lift to find Rodrigo .He will just be standing there with his mouth hanging open.
提示: 在戰鬥模式中找出Rodrigo:
以任何一個角色開始戰鬥模式. 當你第一次到昇降機那房間遇上獵人怪時, 看看那裡被木箱阻塞住的昇降機找找Rodrigo. 你會看見Rodrigo張開嘴巴呆站那裡.

Hint: Portrait puzzle solution:
This is the sequence to solve the puzzle in the room with the portraits. The number in parentheses is their position clockwise when facing the door.
提示: 人像畫解迷:
遊戲中有一間掛滿人像畫的房要你解迷. 以下排列次序是面向門起順時針方向.

Beautiful woman holding tea set (4)
Middle aged man with red-haired twins (7)
Red-haired man holding a teaset (2)
Red-haired man with earthenware plate (6)
Man with earthenware vase (1)
Man with candlestick (5)
Young man from projector (3- up stairs)
漂亮女人拿著茶杯 (4)
中年男人和紅髮雙胞胎 (7)
紅髮男人拿著茶杯 (2)
紅髮男人拿著陶壺 (6)
男人拿著陶花瓶 (1)
男人拿著燭台 (5)
放映機的青年男子 (3)

Hint: D.I.J.'s journal:
You find D.I.J.'s journal in the slot machine in battle mode. Sometimes you have to play more than once to find it.
提示: D.I.J 的日記:
在戰鬥模式中的投入(幣?)機器會找到D.I.J 的日記. 有時候要不只玩一次才能找到.

Hint: D.I.J.'s identity:
The person who wrote the D.I.J. diary is the mouse that jumps out of the locker in the Antarctica section of Claire's scenario of the game.
提示: D.I.J 的身份:
寫D.I.J 日記的人就是南極地帶克蕾兒部分, 由儲物櫃跳出來的那隻老鼠(?).

Hint: Extra animations in battle mode:
提示: 戰鬥模式中的新動作:

When playing as Chris, after killing the Hunter and the Sweeper in the locker room, go back to the smashed mirror and press Action. Chris will do his hair.
Press Action when Chris goes to the tiger statue. He will put his hand into it and will get cut.
用克里斯玩時, 在儲物室殺死所有敵人, 去破鏡那裡按"調查", 克里斯會弄他的頭髮.
當克里斯去到老虎石像那裡按調查, 他會把手伸出但弄到手.

When you get to the junction room, where you have the choice of going into the casino room or continuing on with battle mode, check the soda machine after killing everything. Steve will get upset about not having money for the machine. Note: You may also need to try the machine in the locker room.
Walk up to one zombie and press R to aim, then press L to auto aim with the sub-machine guns. Steve will cross his guns just like in the FMV sequences.
當你去到分支路, 你可以選擇去角子機房或繼續戰鬥, 殺清所有敵人後去調查汽水機. 史提夫會因為沒有錢而感到失望. 你亦可以在儲物室試試那部機.
在任何地方也要殺到剩下一隻喪屍. 當要開槍時, 走近喪屍, 按 R 瞄準, 再按 L 自動瞄準. 史提夫會交叉手用雙機關槍. 好像在動畫看的一樣.

Look at the human torso in the insane doctor's office. Wesker will tilt his glasses down and look at it disgusted.
在瘋狂醫生的辦公室調查人體軀幹, 衛斯卡會斜下眼鏡看它再露出厭惡的神色.

When Claire in the freezing hallway, after killing the zombies. Walk (do not run) back to the door you came in by and press Action. She will be affected by the cold.
當克蕾兒在寒冷的大堂時, 殺清所有喪屍後, 行(千萬不好跑)回那道剛進來的門再按"行動". 她會感到寒冷.

Play in first person and go to the first room with the hunters. After killing them, go to the stacked up boxes in the turntable and press Action. Rodrigo will be standing there.
用第一人稱視點玩, 到第一間有獵人怪的房間. 幹掉它們後, 回到在轉盤堆放箱子?按行動. 你會看見Rodrigo站在那裡.##!!##

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