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The Total War franchise is known for its huge, beautiful battlefields, and our recent looks at Shogun II: Total War have shown that this game doesn't buck this trend. What we hadn't seen until now, though, was the other half of the experience – the just-as-important campaign mode. So much of being a leader in feudal Japan revolved around your family's honor, how you maintained relationships with your fellow noblemen, and, inevitably, what you did to make sure you had a leg up on your opponents when conflict was unavoidable. This has not escaped the team at Creative Assembly, as Shogun II has an intricate political and familial system that looks to be as fun, if not more so, than the act of playing out the battles themselves.

For those who've somehow missed out on the Total War series over the years, allow me to give you a brief breakdown. The campaign of Shogun II takes place on a huge, detailed map of Japan, with players taking control of one of nine playable clans in an attempt to unite Japan under their rule. Players engage in both military and political warfare with clans, going into large, real-time battles when they come to blows. It's essentially two games in one: an intense RTS, combined with a slower, turn-based game of political manipulation.

Real-time warfare is extremely important to Shogun II (and you canread more about that in our previous coverage), but more discreet conflict is carried out in the campaign map via Agents. Agents are essentially actors you can send out into rival clans to hurt them in very specific ways. Outside of Generals, who I'll delve into more detail about later, players can use Geishas, Ninjas, Metsuke, and Monks. Ninjas and Geishas are assassins, and players can use them to take out enemy generals.

The really cool part of attempting assassination in Shogun II is that it triggers a cut-scene that adapts itself based on the skill of the agent involved. For instance a crappy ninja might trip over a sleeping soldier, while a more skilled ninja might avoid this but might be too noisy and wake the general up. These sequences were also in the original game, but Shogun II is slated to have significantly more ways for it to work out, keeping players guessing until the scene's conclusion.

If assassination is a little too bold for your clan, you can try and lure away enemy generals on the campaign map via Metsuke. These secret police will infiltrate an enemy army and attempt to lure away the general, with success yielding both the general and some of the army (depending on his men's loyalty to him). To combat Metsuke, Clans can produce Monks, who meet Metsuke and chastise them for being too worldly in hopes of convincing them to give up their sinful ways. Agents give players powerful tools to battle against one another off the battlefield, making the turn-based parts of the game much more intense than they might otherwise be.

While Agents are important, Generals are the backbone of a clan. Generals aren't simply a unit you produce who have generic traits, but a character that you can level up and build into a unique battlefield commander. Generals have talent trees with numerous branches that will give them better abilities in battle. Most importantly, choosing one path on a talent tree permanently locks out the other option, making specialization extremely important. Their loyalty to your clan affects the loyalty of the units they command, and a rogue General can become a thorn in your side if he decides he's tired of being under your control.

Once a General goes rogue he's basically lost to you, but to keep his forces your command there are a couple of preventative measures that can be taken. Generals can be married into your clan, giving them a familial bond that grants higher loyalty (marriage is also useful for inter-clan relations). If you have no relatives that are ripe for the picking, you can also ask your General to commit ritual suicide, otherwise known as seppuku. Seppuku is a double edge sword, however, because it could prevent a General from going rogue (and give you a bonus to your honor), but it might also backfire and make them go rogue on the spot.

Unexplored areas appear covered by fog.

Politics are super important, but battles are inevitable. To better represent how war was conducted in Japan, Creative Assembly has implemented a new feature: naval warfare. No, you won't be using massive sail boats (and you certainly won't be firing cannons at one another), but you will be rowing large boats full of troops at one another in order to defend or take a beach head. Naval battles are fought either via two ships meeting and troops fighting it out, or by archers shooting at incoming ships with things like flame arrows. This gives players a more realistic set of options when it comes to invasion, as naval battles were fairly common since Japan is, after all, an island.

The combat portions of the game are every bit as pretty as you'd expect from a company who has years of experience making intricate, large scale warfare on the PC, but the campaign development is also coming along well. Hopefully Shogun II's turn-based campaign gets the limelight it deserves, as casual onlookers often only see the high-resolution pictures of battlefields and assume it's simply a RTS. At least you, reader, now know better, and have some insight on just how awesome the political portions of the game are starting to look.


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全戰系列向來以宏大壯麗的戰爭場面而著稱,最新作幕府將軍2:全面戰爭系列依然延續了這個優良傳統。但是全戰系列的另一大特色——戰略模式在新作中的表現,我們之前還不得而知,現在本文將向您揭開冰山一角。作為戰國時期的統治者,您必須考慮眾多因素:家族的榮耀,與鄰近大名關係的維持,以及當衝突不可避免時,您必須確保您的實力必須凌駕於對手之上。這一切都在Creative Assembly所關注的範圍之內,並在遊戲中加入了錯綜複雜的政治及家族系統,為遊戲帶來了比戰鬥本身更多的樂趣體驗。








在遊戲中政治因素十分的關鍵,但戰爭是永遠無法避免的。為了更好的重現日本的戰爭,Creative Assembly設定了一個新的特色:海戰。在本作中您將無法使用巨型戰艦(當然也無法向另一方發射加農炮),取而代之的是您將派遣的是大型的划槳式鐵甲船。海戰有兩種模式,或者兩船相接後的短兵相接,或者在尚未接觸時讓弓手向敵方船隻發射火箭。這些設定向玩家很好的重現了日本當時的海戰。海戰在當時的日本相當頻繁,畢竟,日本是一個島國。

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CPU--Intel Core2 Duo E7400
顯卡--NV的9800GT 512MB


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1.官方之前有說幕府將軍2 配備要求跟拿破崙差不多

2.記憶體有多少不一定,WinXP 32bit有些電腦最多有支援到3.5G
不過像我的電腦插了4G,用WinXP 32bit只有支援到3.25G
裝了 Win7 就有支援到4G
有4G以上要提升性能裝 Win7 比較快 = =

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